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Discover your scene in a boutique-style setting that is relaxed, comfortable, and uniquely personal. Byblos Hotel is the perfect place to stay if you want a serene location in the middle of the rhythm of Accra. Byblos epitomizes quality, comfort, class, and hospitality. Step inside one of our 24 rooms at Byblos Hotel - a hotel that surrounds you with calm and serenity in the pulsing heart of Accra, where signature touches and an independent spirit cater to individuality. Feel at ease in decidedly uncomplicated hotel rooms where we will cater to your every desire or join us at our restaurant and bar where you can enjoy the company of fellow travelers and Ghanaians. Whatever your purpose, we at Byblos are here to help.


What our guests had to say about us:


“Here, you'll feel completely understood and catered to, with an experience that breaks free from the predictability of the typical chain brand. Slip into the relaxed comfort of Byblos Hotel, with a familiar sense of style and unique personality that instantly becomes your scene.”


“A lovely little hotel at the pulsing heart of Osu, the lively little core of the city. The location is great, with an excellent restaurant and bar attached. Byblos offers serenity amongst the bustling life which swirls around and throughout the rest of Osu.”


In-Room Services and Amenities:

-      Wi-Fi

-      Air Conditioning

-      In-suite Washrooms

-      Satellite TV

-      Refrigerator

-      Hot Water

-      Kitchenettes (in studios and single room apartments)


Hotel Services and Amenities

-      Room Service

-      Laundry Services

-      24/7 Concierge (assist in food, travel, entertainment and transportation)

-      Backup Generator




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Name: zeleexpoche (27-Jan-11 20:39)

Nice site ....)

Name: Ethel (27-Jan-11 05:06)

Super atmosphere - Venus - my favorite meeting place in whole Accra!

Name: Dmitry (24-Dec-10 07:24)
Dear Byblos Hotel, thanks for very friendly , carefull atmosphear!! As soon as I can get back to the byblos bar i will be happy, Cheers!!!

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Despite its small size, Ghana is a West African country large in culture, tradition, and personality.  Bordered by Burkina Faso to the north, Ivory Coast to the west, Togo to the east, and the Gulf of Guinea to the south, this lively country has an allure unlike any other.  Gorgeous white sand beaches stretch along the west coast, filled with palms, encouraging the aura of complete relaxation. To the north, elephants, water buffalo, baboons, and other animals run abundantly about the plains. 

The central region has lush forest and gorgeous scenery, such as Lake Bosumtwe, where tranquility and calm collide into the ultimate place of beauty.  And then there is Accra, a coastal city that is stably, and successfully developing into one of Africa’s most visited tourist destinations. Accra offers its inhabitants and guests a wide variety of modern amenities and local, authentic Ghanaian tradition.

In the center of Accra is Osu, well known for its entertainment, and fusion of modern amenities and services with indigenous crafts and goods. It is where tourists and locals meld together to enjoy all that is offered in Ghana’s exuberant capital. Cantonments Road, the Oxford Street of Accra, runs through Osu and is the authentic cultural heart of Accra. It has everything the traveler would need: from banks and supermarkets to unique and traditional Ghanaian crafts, food, and hospitality. Byblos Hotel, only a block away from the cultural hotspot, epitomizes this spirit of Accra.

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